San Andrés Archipelago and Provides a tropical paradise located in northwestern Colombia, has the largest reef barrier this composes the 78% coral area of ​​Colombia, with a gastronomy and music flooded with culture from Africa. A destination for tourists from all over the world also in the archipelago are spoken Creole English known as Creole and Spanish.

A quiet place to rest and enjoy the natural landscapes offered by the island for its warm waters this place is perfect for a few days of sun and beach. With a combination of nature and adventure in some places you can swim with the fish, San Andrés has an endless range of activities for rest and adventure.

The plans that you can find in San Andres are many within a selection you can find snorkeling this activity can be performed at any time of day, since the island has more than 40 dive sites and a large number of these are found Close to the coast. Another favorite activity of tourists and almost mandatory is the blower hole, which is a formation of a hollow on the rocky coast to the south of the island. For the more adventurous there is a favorite that is Morgan’s jump a jump of more than 5 meters to a bay of crystal clear water.

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